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Research Projects


National Science and Technology Council Research Projects

李美彌電影研究 I

Studies of Mimi Lee's Films I




New Dimensions in Contemporary Taiwanese Film: Queerness, Moving Images, and Ephemeral Archives: Rethinking Blue Gate Crossing, Voices of Waves, Splendid Float, and Small Talk



早期電影史研究 I:國語音樂片濫觴:有聲電影、類型意識、與跨國文化生產1920年代-1930年代

Early Film History I: The Emergence of Chinese Film Musicals: Sound Cinema, Genre Consciousness, and Transnational Cultural Production, 1920s-1930s




NYCU International Institute for Cultural Studies Research Projects

脫序檔案 I


Unruly Archives I





Alterity, Negativity, Artistic Intervention and World-Making


This research project investigates how contemporary cinema, video, and installation art tackle issues concerning non-citizens and semi-citizens, including migrants, migrant workers, and queers. It seeks to answer the following questions: How does one face the alterity of ethnic, gender, and sexual others, whose experiences and historical perspectives differ from dominant groups? How should one view the social negativity--and negative affects--of ethnic, gender, and sexual minorities? What is the underlying logic behind the political and cultural rhetorics of "tolerance," "inclusion," and "assimilation”? What are the problems intrinsic to those rhetorics? Are there ways of thinking social marginality without reproducing the logic of assimilation and multiculturalism? What are the limits of contemporary liberal politics that emphasize visual representation and the politics of voicing, and nothing else? This research project will examine the ways in which film and artworks provide alternative ways of thinking through marginality and negativity that go beyond identity politics and multiculturalism--both of which tend to reproduce the same oppressive mechanism that creates social and political inequality in the first place.

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